vinyl tree hanger


Crafty gifts are probably my favourite. You squeeze your brain, you come up with something creative and usually meaningful, and you have (or at least I do) SO MUCH FUN making them! This is the case of a hanger for the corridor of our new flat! There’s not much space in there so I figured it would be cool to have something arty and also practical for when visitors are over. We are still to get the knots and place them on the main branches, but the idea is that it will look like the coats and scarves are hanging from the tree. It took us a whole afternoon, but it was worth it!

Also, NEW LOOK! I was a bit tired of the old one, needed something more ‘clean and easy’. Hope you like it!




This is my illustrated recipe book. It is not huge (just yet) because I am still filling it up, and it does not have any specific target or function other than keeping the recipes that I like together so that I can check them if I forget, no matter the origin. Some I made up, some I modified, some I just wrote down literally. But so far everything that comes out of it is deliciousness on a plate. And it is, of course, made in paper. You know I’m a crafts person, it could not be different! Besides how do you scroll down a screen with your fingers full of butter?

And just in case you are interested, some of the recipes I in it will be appearing in here. Keep track ; )